A plate of 100% Bush Creek Farm fresh food!

Grilled, 4 minutes on each side - Voila!

  All-natural, grass-fed lamb is very palatable and easily digested, due to it's low saturated fat content.

  (Note: we enrolled in nutrient testing our lamb, sponsored by Mother Earth News, however, the results were inconclusive, due to a number of variables). The low saturated fat content means more satisfying portions on your plate while maintaining your waistline.

 By genetic design, Barbados Blackbelly sheep have

 higher Omega-3 essential fatty acids than wool

 breeds, which means reduced inflammation in your


 Ruminant meat doesn't lose Omega-3 content by

 commercial or CAFO feeding of a high grain diet, but

 they increase Omega-6 content dramatically on grain.

 As opposed to chicken and pork, which lose Omega-3

 content on grain. So, Barbados Blackbelly have

 higher Omega-3 to begin with, plus, the grass-fed

 diet means they are not picking up the Omega-6 present in most meat. Omega-6 being the inflammatory     fatty acid in over abundant supply in the standard American diet.

 There aren't any chemicals or antibiotics in our table

  lamb, so all you taste - is homegrown goodness!

 You can have fresh, wholesome table lamb year

 round, due to the reproductive ability of Barbados

 Blackbelly ewes. Let us know what your needs are,

 and when, and we'll help you set the table!

Customer Comments:

 "The chops are very tender and mild, tastes a lot like

  beef." Dan, Hillsboro OR

 "The sausage was great, very nice - the whole family enjoyed it." Denny, Elma WA

 "Even my son, a picky eater, loved it!" Andrew, Lacey WA