- When you long for the mouth-watering flavor and proven health benefits of high

          Omega-3 lamb... (grass-fed, no grain)

       - When you want unadulterated lamb as mother nature creates it...

          (no chemicals, no vaccines, no antibiotics)

       - When you want fresh lamb at an unusual time of year or all year long... (Barbados

          Blackbelly ewes breed year round)

       - Bush Creek Farm will meet and exceed your expectations with lamb that is tops for 

          taste and for your health....... 


       - Enjoy one of the easiest of livestock projects with these trouble free Barbados

          Blackbelly sheep... (no worming, no shearing, no docking, no dis-budding, no

          assisted births, rare bummers)

       - Relish the satisfaction of participating in conserving a rare breed...

       - Cherish the peace of mind that your new sheep and lambs are healthy, conform to

          breed standard and are genetically viable...

       - Take pleasure in the ease of becoming a breeder because we are committed to

         your success with the precise mentoring you need....

To find out if Barbados Blackbelly sheep are right for you, contact us,

Rita & Tony     




Thanks to All who came out to the Grays Harbor County Fair!

...Barbados Blackbelly Sheep from Bush Creek Farm

The Best Fresh Lamb, From A Breed Worth Saving